Winnie Blue Merle Female Frenchie


✅ Sex: Female
✅ Age::10 Weeks Old
✅ Up to date on shots
✅ Potty trained to go outside
✅ 1-year health guarantee
✅ Shipping And Delivery Available

blue fawn merle french bulldog


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Introducing Winnie, the epitome of cuteness and charm! 🐾💙 This adorable blue fawn merle french bulldog is searching for a loving forever home, and trust us when we say she’s got it all!

From her irresistibly squishy face to her playful personality, Winnie A blue fawn merle french bulldog is bursting with qualities that will melt your heart. Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or an energetic sidekick, this fur baby has got you covered.

Now is your chance to make Winnie yours and experience the joy she brings every day. Don’t wait too long though – once you welcome her into your life, you’ll quickly realize why everyone falls head over paws in love with her.

Say hello to endless cuddles, fun-filled adventures, and unforgettable memories by adopting Winnie today. Take the leap now and thank Fur Frenchies later for introducing you to your perfect furry friend! 🌟🐾